HaemoCap™ MultiSite

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HaemoCap Multisite is a wound compression device. It can be rapidly applied to all parts of the body, including the head, neck, upper limbs, axilla, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. It is not a tourniquet. It supplies up to 50 mm of mercury of pressure and no more pressure can be applied given the fact that all of the air is evacuated from the device. It can be applied by non-medical staff. It's a single-use item that is non-sterile and is used with a swab and plus or minus a hemostatic agent of your choice. Also available as an accessory to HaemoCap Multisite is this pump, so any universal suction device can be attached to HaemoCap Multisite, the air is evacuated, the HaemoCap Multisite conforms around the body part.

It's capped off, the HaemoCap is now under pressure, release and the air is released from the device. I'm now going to demonstrate how would you use the HaemoCap. Got a laceration to the scalp, you will place a HaemoCap over the dressing across the ears around the back of the head. Take a universal suction pump, attach it, remove the air. Clip it off, remove the pump. If you would like to inspect the wound, unclip, look at the wound and we evacuate the air. Clip the wound off. I'm now going to show you how to place on a neck wound. You would place the HaemoCap device over a dressing, under the arm, tightly connect the loop and again evacuate the air and clip. Remove the pump. Again, if you want to reinspect the wound you would take the air out, look at the wound and re-evacuate the air.