Improvised Tourniquets

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 If you need to use a tourniquet but you do not have one at the scene, you can always use an improvised tourniquet. This can be formed of anything such as a triangular bandage, a scarf or a tie. When applying a tourniquet, apply it quickly and above the injury site – not directly over the wound, or on a joint.

First, wrap the improvised tourniquet over the limb and tie a half knot. Then lay something very strong over the top, such as a screwdriver, a jackscrew handle, or even a very sturdy stick or broom handle. Then tie another half knot over this. The next bit will hurt the patient but if you need to use a tourniquet then the bleeding must be stopped. Twist whatever object in circles to tighten up the tourniquet. Then either hold the object in place or tie off the loose ends around the object to secure it. Once a tourniquet is in place, DO NOT REMOVE IT, even if the bleeding has stopped. If the first one has not stopped or even slowed the bleeding down, you can apply a second one.