Course Introduction

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Welcome to ProTrainings' Knife Injury Awareness Course

We are pleased to introduce you to ProTrainings' Knife Injury Awareness Course, designed to provide you with crucial first aid knowledge for dealing with knife injuries. Quick and appropriate actions, such as prompt bleeding control and immediate call to emergency services, can significantly increase a victim's survival chances.

Course Structure

This comprehensive course includes a series of short, informative videos followed by related questions. Should you answer a question incorrectly, it will be presented again for revision, ensuring you understand the correct answer. The flexibility of our course allows you to start and stop at your convenience, switch between devices, and revisit any video at any time.

Accessibility Across Devices

With compatibility across all devices, you can transition from PC to tablet and then to your smartphone seamlessly, making your learning process convenient and flexible.

Course Completion and Testing

Once you have completed the course, a final test awaits, which must be completed in one sitting. After successfully passing the test, you can print your completion certificates directly from the admin dashboard.

Additional Resources

Beyond the main course content, we offer a wealth of additional information. The resource section allows you to download various pieces of informative material and provides web links to relevant charities and organisations. Also, every video is accompanied by a detailed text summary, available beneath the video frame.

Subtitles and Weekly Updates

For enhanced accessibility, click on the CC icon to display subtitles on the video. In addition, we offer a weekly email subscription that delivers a video and course-related information every Monday morning, helping you keep your skills up-to-date. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any point.

Let's Get Started!

We hope you enjoy this course and find it valuable. Thank you for choosing ProTrainings and let's get started!