Scene Safety

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Steps to Take When Arriving at the Scene of a Knife Injury

Ensure Your Safety First

When you arrive at the scene of a knife injury, your first priority is to ensure that you are not in any danger. This may involve running away temporarily and returning when it is safe. The last thing you want is to become another victim.

Call for Help and Stay Vigilant

Shout for help and maintain constant vigilance. Attracting as much attention as possible can help scare away the attacker and attract additional assistance.

Contact Emergency Services Immediately

Call emergency services as soon as possible. Since it is a knife crime injury, both the ambulance and the police will respond to the scene.

Expect Police Presence

Due to the nature of the injury, expect the police to arrive in addition to medical personnel.

By following these steps, you can ensure your safety while effectively helping the victim and attracting the necessary emergency assistance.