Using Gloves Safely

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How to Safely Handle a Knife Injury: Using Gloves

Importance of Wearing Gloves

If a knife injury occurs, there may be significant bleeding from the wound. Even if there is only a small amount of blood or bodily fluid, it is essential to wear gloves if you have them. This measure protects both you and the casualty.

Alternative to Gloves

If you do not have gloves, a plastic bag can be used as a substitute to cover your hands.

Inspecting and Preparing Gloves

After taking the gloves out of their box or packaging, inspect them for any damage. Remove any sharp jewellery that may cause the gloves to tear.

Proper Method to Remove Gloves

Remove the gloves one at a time, turning them inside out as you do so:

  • Take off the first glove, turning it inside out, and scrunch it up in your other hand.
  • Then, remove the second glove, ensuring one glove ends up inside the other.

Hand Washing Post-Glove Use

Thoroughly wash your hands after removing the gloves to prevent any possible contamination.

Following these steps ensures your safety and helps prevent the spread of infection when dealing with a knife injury.